When was the last time your wife screamed your name, asking for more, instead of finishing up with you and saying “That’s nice honey”?

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Lol pretty much me now

thats how’d id flunk outta school if i went.

A few posts back an aspiring bimbo asked me how she could possibly become the bimbo slut she was meant to be when her parents were pressuring her to go to college and study. This image reminds me of that girl. It says exactly what I said the time: you can have both, they aren’t mutually exclusive. Go to college and become a freshman fucktoy for the Men on campus. Dress in short tight dresses and tall high heels so you attract attention, and don’t concern yourself with the slut reputation you’ll quickly engender. You are a bimbo, and your purpose is to please Men. Their happiness is your pleasure. And you will learn a great deal about what Men consider pleasing. Stay in school.

Just remember, when your parents come to visit at school, make sure you keep some of your “good girl” clothes and items around so that they don’t think about pulling the plug on your college experience by cutting off payments unless you come home. Just… something someone.. told me… yeah told me… :)

- MrsNCT

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My urges are becoming too strong. I can’t think about anything else. I’m going insane. I need it now. I can’t wait any longer. What’s happening to me?

You’re finally deciding to be a woman, instead of what the feminists want you to be. Give in and enjoy!


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Do you think it is reversible? To change the cuck back in to a bull?


I don’t think so.

Speaking for myself, I could never think of or see my husband as anything other than a cuckold and a PussyBoy.

I’ve fucked other men in front of him and watched him get his face down between my legs to lick out and clean up the mess they left.

I’ve seen him drop down to his knees to suck my Bull’s cock, watched as my Bull busted his nut in my husband’s mouth, and watched my hubby anxiously struggle to swallow all the cum.

I’ve seen him bend over the edge of the bed and put his ass up for my Bull, and take the fucking he got.

Those are powerful, relationship-altering images. They’re never going to go away.

Once a cuckold, always a cuckold.

Once a PussyBoy, always a PussyBoy.

How could you erase that image? Part of being the Man is being in charge. And I just don’t know how I could go back if my Bull became my pussy boy. 

Thankfully, I’ve never done any of what femdomhotwifecuckoldinterracial​ has done to her husband. Not criticizing their relationship (G-d knows I can’t cast any aspersions). But if I had done that to my husband, and he had taken it, it probably would’ve ended our marriage. 




Too many people I consider friends—to the extent possible anonymously over the internet—are having their blogs deleted. I know the golden rule about trolls is they should never be fed, but I have to say how totally upset I am that they have so much clout. I mean, really, when it involves safe,…

Let us know if you come back when they come for you. I hate it when they delete the people I enjoy following and then find out by accident months later that they’re back and I’ve been missing them (I blame Yahoo not the blogger btw)!


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